Oldham County (Kentucky) High School Class of 1977 Reunion

When: August 30, 1997, 6:00PM till midnight

Where: Galt House, Louisville Kentucky

For more information, contact Sam Smith at ssmith@traveller.com, Pam (Hardin) Haselton at 502-222-0645, or Shelley Haag at 502-327-0108.

May 4th, 1997 Update ...

Pam mailed out a flyer on April 28th. Since I need a life, I have made an HTML version (suitable for browsing), a PDF version (suitable for printing), and a plain text version (suitable for e-mailing). Take your pick!

If you need the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader ... Download The Acrobat Reader

Watch this space for further updates as they become available.

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