The Four Horsewomen

[IMAGE: Four Women]
(l-r) Shelley Haag, Vesta Parrish, Pam (Hardin) Haselton, Judy Thomas (1997)
[IMAGE: Shelley Haag (1977)] [IMAGE: Vesta Parrish (1977)] [IMAGE: Pam Hardin (1977)] [IMAGE: Judy Thomas (1977)]
Shelley Haag
Yearbook photo 1977
Vesta Parrish
Yearbook photo 1977
Pam Hardin
Yearbook photo 1977
Judy Thomas
Yearbook photo 1977

I got a little ambitious here, didn't I? These are the four ladies at the reunion in 1997, and as they looked in their yearbook photos in 1977.

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