Samuel A. Smith
Madison AL 35758

Education:  M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Kentucky, August 1983 (4.0 GPA)
B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Kentucky, May 1981 (3.93 GPA)

Languages & Tools:  C, C++, BASIC, Visual Basic, Pascal, FORTRAN, RPG-II, Perl, various assembly languages (including Intel 80x86, Motorola Power PC, Motorola 68xxx, 8085, Z80, 64180, 6809, 6502, 8048, 8051, TI DSP,, PC-lint, Splint, Klocwork

O/S:  Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/7, Linux (various distributions, including Ubuntu, Red Hat, and Slackware), RTXC Quadros, VxWorks, HP/UX, SunOS, Solaris, Novell Netware

•  Over 25 years of experience in software/algorithm design, analysis, coding, research and development, and software engineering management
•  Cross-platform development skills
•  Embedded development skills
•  Internet-savvy
•  Self-starting
•  Competent, Diplomatic, Patient, Tenacious

November 2003-Present DRS Test & Energy Management LLC, Huntsville Alabama
Senior Systems Software Designer, Software Test Engineer, Systems Engineer

•  Software Engineering Department Supervisor: 2002-2010
•  Certified Scrum Master: November 2008-Present

During my tenure at DRS I have participated in software development projects in the following areas: On-Board Vehicle Power Systems (OBVP), Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems (FTTS, UGCV, HEVC), Radiometric Calibration Systems (GACS), Vehicle Simulation Systems (OBVP, EDS),

I have also participated as a member of various committees, including: Various Requests For Proposal (RFP), SCM PAT (Software Configuration Management Process Action Team), committee to update Software Peer Review training, committee to create StarTeam training.

Between 2002 and 2010 I was also a Software Engineering Department Supervisor.

In November 2008 I became a Certified Scrum Master (one of the Agile Software Development methodologies).

In early 2011 I was transferred to the Systems Engineering department at DRS, where in addition to my existing role as a Software Designer, I also function as a Software Test Engineer, and am loaned out occasionally to the SCM (Software Configuration Management) department.

July 2001-November 2003 PEI Electronics Inc., Huntsville Alabama
Senior Systems Software Designer

(In November 2003 PEI Electronics Inc. was bought by DRS and became DRS Test & Energy Management LLC.)

•  Project Engineer: GACS. Also software lead, and design and coding of Radiometric Calibration subsystem.
•  Industrial Committee: JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems). Participation in standards committee with many industrial representatives (U.S. Robotics, CMU, etc.).
•  Software Lead: HEVC. Also software architecture, design, and coding.
•  Project: PEI-CIM2. MPC850 reprogramming facility via HMI BMD emulator.

1984-2001 Huntsville Microsystems Inc., Huntsville Alabama
Senior Software Engineer / Network System Administrator / De-facto Software Department Manager

•  De-facto Software Department Manager
•  Revision Control System Manager
•  Network System Administrator (Firewall and system security, DNS administration, e-mail management, FTP site creation and maintenance, World Wide Web site creation and maintenance, Usenet News administration, corporate intranet)
•  Network System Backups Manager
•  Software: Ported HMI's legacy dBase databases to the corporate intranet (for internal web-based access to company business records)
•  Software: Executable file format converters (various, including Motorola 'S' records, Intel hex records, Extended Tekhex, IEEE-695.1, COFF, IAR (UBROF), ELF/DWARF,
•  Chief Architect: SourceGate II. Also design and coding.
•  Software: SourceGate series source-level software/hardware debugger
•  Software: ECS200 series source-level software/hardware debugger
•  Firmware: HMI-200 series emulator
•  Software: ELINKS series symbolic software/hardware debugger
•  Software: 8085, Z80, 6809, 6502, 8048, and 8051 cross assemblers

1977-1984 Various
During high school and college years I held a variety of jobs, starting as a member of the Louisville Heritage Weekend crew for the Louisville Heritage Weekends in Louisville Kentucky. For the Armor Elevator Company office in Louisville Kentucky I held positions as Data Processing Assistant, Assistant Programmer, and System Programmer. For the University of Kentucky in Lexington Kentucky I held positions as Grader (for the Rotating Machines lab), Teaching Assistant (Rotating Machines lab and Logic Design), and Instructor (Logic Design and Senior Electronics lab).

Academics:  U.K.R.F. graduate research fellowship; Robert L. Cosgriff Award; University of Kentucky Honors Program; 3M Scholarship; National Merit $1000 award; HKN (Electrical Engineering honor society); TBP (Engineering honor society); Graduate thesis: "A Microprogrammed Processor to Generate Prime Implicants"; Independent studies: LOGSIM Logic Design Simulator, and 16-bit microprogrammed computer design.

•  Member of IEEE
•  Manager and chief content provider for several sites on the World Wide Web. See <> for details.

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