SFC Handbook Progress Report 04/24/96

TO: A huge chunk of Southern Fandom
FROM: T.K.F. Weisskopf

RE: SFC History & Handbook 1996, Update IV

I was really hoping that I wouldn't be doing another Update, but merely producing the zine in time for the DSC. Real life intervened. Even though I was given two years to complete this project at the business meeting in Nashville, I feel a bit ashamed that although a great many people have provided me with material, the zine is not completed yet. But life--and fanac--goes on. My new self-imposed deadline is Libertycon, mostly because it's the first southern convention I'll be going to after the DSC.

I figure I can distribute a good many copies by hand there. For those who won't be at Libertycon, we'll have to bring up the question of further distribution on Jekyll Island (here, that is, since I'll be handing out this progress report at DSC), and see what the membership of the SFC wants to do--mail it out to members, offer it for sale, etc. Of course Sam Smith will be making it available on the Internet as soon as its ready. I think it would be a good idea to have it available for sale or The Usual (trade or LOC) to those outside the SFC, regardless of what we decide to do inside the SFC. But I'm sure those of you with more experience with distributing big, hairy zines will have a much better idea of how to handle things.

That's the good news, by the way: it's going to be a big, hairy zine. I've been really blown away by the level of participation and quality of material going into the History. Nevertheless, there are still some gaps, notably coverage of the Atlanta Worldcon & bid, a summary of New Orleans fan history, profiles of several Phoenix winners, and reports from outlying parts of the SFC territory that I need to track down (Blacksburg, VA, Magnum Opus Con, Texas, and several others). I expect to take care of some of this at the DSC itself when I'm not partying.

I could also use some more spot art, especially old stuff and new logos. I don't know how fancy I'm going to get about integrating art into the text (probably not very), but more badge art and more caricatures of famous fans would be welcome.

As for the cover, if I can't twist the arm of the artist I have in mind to create something new, I might try reprinting something old--a Birdsong cartoon from the fifth SFC Bulletin, August 1972. Thanks to Steve Hughes for sending this (and lots of other ancient material) to me (and to Binker Hughes for suggesting I ask him). The copy I have is in pristine condition, but it was mimeoed, so I wonder if Meade has the original art? I'd also need to track down Birdsong for permission.... Oh well, I'll worry about it next week.

Included as an addenda to this update is an abbreviated Table of Contents. Please let me know if I've left out anything I shouldn't have!


Toni Weisskopf

1996 Southern Fandom History & Handbook Table of Contents

Introduction--T.K.F. Weisskopf
"The Birth of the SFC" by Meade Frierson, III
What is the SFC?--Meade Frierson, III
Listing of Past & Present Officers (in a box)
Art: Binker's design for the patch
Required Reading If You Do Not Know What Fandom Means--Meade
An Historical Perspective on Southern Fandom--Meade
Some More History of the SFC--Frierson & Weisskopf
PART I: Early Southern Fandom
"Notes Towards a History of Southern Fans" by Curt Phillips & T.K.F. Weisskopf (with help from Harry Warner, Jr. & Dick Lynch)
Art: Photos from Ned Brooks
"The Cosmic Legion" by Jerry Page
PART II: DSCs, Rebels, Phoenixes, & Rubbles
"How it Began," Larry Montgomery
All the rest--Guy H. Lillian III
Art: DSC '78 & '79 badge (Bill Francis), some of mine
"Rebel Mettle": The Rebel Winners by Guy H. Lillian III
Art: Caricatures of Al Andrews, Don Markstein
The Phoenix Winners by various hands
Caricature of Bob Tucker
"If Life Hands You Sour Grapes--Try Making Wine":
The Rubble Winners by Gary Robe
PART III: Regional Survey
There's no way to organize this section elegantly, so I'll defer to Meade's methodology and run the listings alphabetically by state (see below). Also, that way my home state gets to go first. (Hmmm, Meade is from Alabama, too....)
PART IV: Fanzines, Legends, & Misc.
"A Short Biased History of Southern Fandom Pie Throwing" by "Carleton Grindle" --or-- "The Lower Crust" by Jerry Page
Southern Apas
"All the Myriad Days" by mike weber
SFPA by Guy H. Lillian III
KAPA by G. Patrick Molloy
Southern Genzines
Chat & Mimosa by Dick & Nicki Lynch
Fosfax by Tim Lane
Art: Fosfax logo
Challenger by Guy Lillian
Library Resources
The Anachronists by Meade Frierson & T.K.F. Weisskopf
"Southern Fried Fandom" by JoAnn Montalbano
"Behind the Legend" by Jerry Page
Jerry Page by Hank Reinhardt--tbc
On Hearts by Lon Atkins (or something else from Lon)


Huntsville--"Personal and Far Too Short History of Huntsville Fandom," Mike Kennedy (based on an earlier article by Pat Molloy)
Art: Program badge art & program book art--much to choose from
Birmingham--Charlotte Proctor
Suncon: The 1977 Miami Worldcon--Joe Siclari
Magicon: The 1992 Orlando Worldcon--Judy Bemis
OASFiS--Becky Thomson
Tampa Bay--"Everything Your Ever Wanted to Know...
About The Stone Hill SF Assoc."--Ann Morris
South Florida Science Fiction Society & Tropicon--Judy Bemis
Gainesville--Is there a fandom here?
Middle Atlanta Fandom--"A Sketch Map of Fandom in Atlanta," Binker Hughes
Art: Atlanta in '72 flyer, 1976 DSC program book logo, 1972 dittoed cartoon con report
Modern Atlanta Fandom--Sue Phillips
The Atlanta Worldcon Bid--
Confederation: The 1986 Atlanta Worldcon--
"But What Have You Done For Us Lately"
Dragoncons--Ed Kramer (also his Nebula ceremony, the '95 NasFic, WFC & WHC)
NorthAmeriCon: The 1979 NASFic--Steve & Sue Francis
Art: NAC Badge (Janice Gelb)
Rivercons--Bob Roehm
Art: Rivercon '75 logo
The L&N Bid--
Bowling Green
"Fan Times at WKU," Pat Molloy
"A History of Concave," Gary Robe
"The Legend of Wigwam Village," Pat Molloy
New Orleans
NOLAcons: The 1951 & 1988 Worldcons--Guy Lillian
"The Legend of Room 770," Roger Sims
All the rest--Dennis Dolbear
Art: Nutriacon badge (Janice Gelb)
Baton Rouge, Coastcon--
Art: Swampcon badge (Mercedes Lackey)
Chimneyville SF Society--Ruth Shields & Tom Feller
Art: CFSFS logos & Smart Ash covers
"A Short History of Nashville Fandom," Dan Caldwell
Art: The Recipe for SWILL (from Khen's own hand)
Art: Kubla Khanception badge (Janice Gelb)
"The History of Musicon," Lee Billings
History of Southern Costuming--Maurine Dorris
WFC & WHC in Nashville--Maurine Dorris
Corflu 13 1996--T.K.F. Weisskopf
The Official History of Chattacon--various hands
Unofficial Addenda to Official History of Chattacon:
The Avocado Incident & Black Olive Daiquiris, Julie Wall & Holly Hina
Weaponscon--Irv Koch
Libertycon--Tim Bolgeo
Memphis--Greg Bridges
Knoxville--The Janie Lamb Era--various sources
Modern Knoxville--Chloie Airoldi's deputee
TEXAS--Richard Brandt


Magnum Opus Con--Diana Ringartner & Sharon Rice
Fan Faire--Ray Foldhazi
Notes on Early Virginia fandom--Ned Brooks & Curt Phillips
Blacksburg, Technicon--

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