Introduction from 2nd Edition, 1997

Toni Weisskopf

This section is the result of two years of random scrounging for information on my part, buttressed by Tom Feller's column listing Southern clubs and J.R. "Mad Dog" Madden's con listings in the SFC Bulletin. If the "now" of these articles varies, that's why. Note also that interpretations of "500-1000 words"--which is what I generally requested when I was soliciting material--varied greatly.... Tom says he is "deeply indebted to the Fandom Directory for much of this information." Mad Dog gets his material "from various sources such as Locus, Science Fiction Chronicle, Starlog, and, very rarely, from the convention committees themselves who send the information out in good time....

3rd Edition Editor's Note

M. Lee Rogers

Obviously, a lot has changed since 1997. I am trying to get new articles for as many areas as possible. This will depend on the willingness of others to write the articles and send them to me. I have removed contact info for old conventions and clubs since they are not relevant to today's readers.

The best source of up-to-date information is the Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin, currently edited by SFC President Warren Buff. Since the Bulletin contains all of that info, I will not attempt to list it on this Web site.

Warren sends out the publication electronically a few times a year. Tom Feller still lists clubs. I did the convention listings for a few years, but Warren handles that now.

I'm sure that Warren would be happy to send at least one issue of the electronic Bulletin to interested parties. If you want a copy, contact him at

It was quite interesting to read the material about older Southern fandom. Hope you enjoy it also.


Special thanks go to Samuel A. Smith, who digitized the SFC Handbook 2nd edition and gave gracious permission to use his existing work in the preparation of the 3rd edition. The main text of this page came from Sam's hard work.--MLR


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