1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History
Preface to the Apocrypha

What's this all about?

Samuel A. Smith

Ever since I did the original HTML translation of the 1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History, I've had it in the back of my mind that some day we would need an Apocrypha. From Webster's:

a - poc - ry - pha n. pl. any writings, anecdotes, etc. of doubtful authenticity or authorship

Well, that's not quite right, but I like the word. Maybe:

a - poc - ry - pha n. pl. not canonical (e.g. Paramount says that Star Trek T.V. shows and movies are part of the Star Trek canon. All other Star Trek media (e.g. books, comic books, fan fiction, and etc.) are not canonical, i.e. they are apocryphal)

In other words, Toni's 1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History is canonical. All other writings on this web site are apocryphal. How about that? More than simple Errata, which exists to correct factual deficiencies in the original Handbook, the Apocrypha is new information that perhaps would have been in the Handbook, if only we had known at the time.

Who knows? Perhaps the Apocrypha will be part of the 2017 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History.

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