1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History
Preface to the Electronic Edition

My Words

Samuel A. Smith

As I sit here, it is June 9th, 1997, in the afternoon, in Huntsville, Alabama. Toni Weisskopf (a.k.a. T.K.F. Weisskopf) released just yesterday the magnificent tome known as the 1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History. Here in my home office, I am surrounded by disks and original artwork and the other paraphernalia Toni used to produce this opus. My job (which I so foolishly volunteered for) is to produce an electronic version of the Handbook, and publish same on the World Wide Web -- the Internet. For all the world to see.


My goal is to reproduce Toni's original organization and document as closely as possible, given the limitations of publishing on the World Wide Web. Some of you may note that I am a bit of a "traditionalist" (If there can be such a thing already!) in my usage of HTML. I will be eschewing certain of the HTML tags that I personally feel are less "portable" in favor of other constructs that I feel will work on any web browser. You may or may not agree with me on this approach. If not, tough. I answer only to Toni. This document will be as fully hyperlinked as possible. If you see a spot that needs a link (or needs a link corrected), let me know!

Toni's original comments appear in the text in square brackets [like this]. My own comments and annotations will appear in curly braces {like this}. I intend to publish the original text intact, with separate errata. Errata will be tagged like this: {Errata}. Following the errata link will get you the corrected text. And so on.

Note that page numbers (where used) refer to the page numbering of the original document, and have absolutely nothing to do with the document as published on the World Wide Web.

Feedback is welcome, however, I know that some words are spelled funny (e.g. 'Bheer'). Toni assures me that most funny spellings are correct, so I don't want to hear about those! Factual errors, broken or missing links, etc. -- those are the sorts of things I do want feedback on.

Following the Next and Previous links at the end of each page will take you back and forth in the Handbook. Following the Home link will take you back to the Handbook's main page.

Any questions? No? Good. Then on we go ...

Questions? Comments? Send e-mail to: ssmith@smithuel.net

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