1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History
PART III: Regional Survey: Tennessee


For more on the beginnings of Memphis fandom, see the profile by Greg Bridges in Part II above on Phoenix winner Darrell C. Richardson. Greg also sent me an index to his fanzine he did in the early '70s. "The first ish of the fanzine diversity (in 1970) was mostly the work of members of the Mid-South Fantasy Assoc., being edited by Tom Foster. The second ish was still largely MSFA members. [...] Editors were Jim Harris and Greg Bridges. The third ish was in 1973, being much more of a genzine than the previous issues. [...] Greg Bridges paid for #3 (wonder of wonders he had a job, finally!) but with the beginnings of the MSFA slanplex the summer of '73, future ishes could never be afforded[...]"

History of Memphis
SF Conventions

[From the 1989 DSC program book. Thanks to Ned Brooks for sending this to me.]

Dec. 2-4 1977
Holiday Inn at Overton Square. 75 people attended--no guests, just a pleasant relaxacon put on by P.L. Caruthers with Stven Carlberg and Don Markstein.

May 25-27, 1979
Holiday Inn Rivermont. Attendance: 375.
Pro GoHs: L. Sprague & Catherine de Camp
Fan GoH: Lon Atkins
Artist GoH: Kelly Freas
TM: Gerald W. Page
Special Guests: Peter Pautz, Robert Asprin, Sharon Webb, Grant Carrington, Theodore Sturgeon
Con Chairs: Louis Armour & Thomas A. Johnson

Sept. 26-28, 1980
Holiday Inn Overton Square
Pro GoH: Robert Asprin
Fan GoH: Stven Carlberg
Con Chairs: Nancy Collins & Michael Brown

Sept. 25-27, 1981
Holiday Inn Overton Square
Pro GoH: Andrew J. Offutt
Fan & Artist GoH: Charlie Williams
Special Rock-Band-in Parking-Garage-Guests: Panther Burns
Con Chair: Nancy Collins

Aug. 20-22, 1982
(The first Midsouthcon was really the first DeepSouthCon in Huntsville, AL in 1963. [...] Our numbering starts with the Midsouthcon held in Huntsville [...]. When chaiman Andy Purcell gafiated, we asked if we might use Midsouthcon for our convention name, and, with his permission, we have done so since then.)
Quality Inn Riverview
Pro GoH: Wilson (Bob) Tucker
Fan GoH: Arthur Hlavaty
TM: Charlie Williams
Con Chairs: Frank Jordan

March 16-18, 1984
Quality Inn Riverview
Pro GoH: C.J. Cherryh
Fan GoH: Margaret Middleton
Artist GoH: Steven Dodd
TM: Dal Coger
Special Guest: Suzette Haden Elgin
Con Chairs: Frank Jordan & Richard Moore

March 22-24, 1985
Quality Inn Airport
Pro GoH: Frederik Pohl
Fan GoH: Ken Moore
Artist GoH: Keith Berdak
TM: John Steakley
Filk GoH: Suzette Haden Elgin
Special Guests: Robert Jordan, Sharon Webb
Con Chairs: Jackie Watkins & Micheal Taviss

June 6, 1986
Ramada Inn Southwest/Airport
Pro GoH: Joe Haldeman
Fan GoH: Jodie Offutt
Artist GoH: David Cherry
TM: Andrew J. Offutt
Con Chairs: Richard Moore & Jackie Watkins

March 27-29, 1987
Wilson World Hotel
Pro GoH: Hal Clement
Fan GoH: Rickey Sheppard Artist GoH: Lucy A. Synk
TM: Wilson (Bob) Tucker
Con Chair: Richard Moore

March 18-20, 1988
Memphis Marriott
Pro GoHs: Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
Fan GoH: Dr. Darrell C. Richardson
Artist GoH: Mitch Foust
Filk GoH: Margaret Middleton
TM: Julius Schwartz
Special Media Guest: Michael Keating
Con Chair: Richard Moore

Other Memphis Conventions:
DeepSouthCon 27
June 9-11, 1989 - Memphis Marriott
[See DSC Tabular History for basic data.]

July 29-31 - Ramada Convention Center
Kerry O'Quinn and Darrell Richardson, guests.

Oct. 26-28, 1984 - Ramada Inn Southeast
Guest: Andrew Offutt.

July 25-27, 1986 - Mud Island Park
Guests: John Agar, Darrell Richardson and Alan Clark.

July 24-26, 1987 - Mud Island Park
Guests: Marion Zimmer Bradley & John Norman.

Memphis: Memphis Science Fiction Association (MSFA), P.O. Box 12534, Memphis, TN 38182. Two meetings monthly: (1) the second Monday at 7 PM at the Main Public Library followed by dinner at a local restaurant, (2) the fourth Sunday at a member's house. Monthly Newsletter: Memphen. Dues: $10 annually. Officers: {Errata} Chairbeing Angela Bridges, Vice-Chairbeing Claude Saxon, Treasurer: Greg Bridges, Secretary J. Michael Harper, Memphen co-editors Tim and Barbara Gatewood.

Memphis: MidSouthCon 15 (March 22-24 '96), The Brownstone Hotel, Memphis, TN. Guests: Barry Longyear, Frank Kelly Freas, Laura Brodian Freas, Cullen Johnson, Paul Darrow, Larry Niven, Glen Cook. Membership: $15 to 3/24/95, $20 to 11/30/95, $25 to 3/1/96, then $30. Info: MidSouthCon 15, P. O. Box 22749, Memphis, TN 38122. 901-274-7355.

Memphis: Allies for Star Trek, 2195 Madison Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104. Two meetings monthly: (1) the 4th Saturday of each month at 3 PM at the Main Public Library followed by dinner at a local restaurant, (2) one social gathering at a member's home. Monthly Newsletter: Communications Console. Dues: $12 US, $17 elsewhere annually. Officers: {Errata} President and newsletter editor James T. Kacarides, Vice President Harold Feldman, Secretary Margaret Joyce, Treasurer Janice Joyce. Web site: http://www.people.memphis.edu/~startrek/allies.htm.

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