1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History



What is This Big Ol' Zine? by T.K.F. Weisskopf
What is the SFC? by Meade Frierson, III
Where is "The South"? by P.L. Caruthers-Montgomery
Required Reading If You Do Not Know What Fandom Means by Meade Frierson III
The Birth of the SFC by Meade Frierson III
The SFC Bulletins, PM by T.K.F. Weisskopf
Officers of the SFC--chart

PART I: Early Southern Fandom

An Historical Perspective on Southern Fandom by Meade Frierson III
A Few More Yesterdays: The Columbia Camp by Harry Warner, Jr.
Notes Towards a History of Early Southern Fans by Curt Phillips & T.K.F Weisskopf
The Cosmic Legion by Jerry Page

PART II: DSCs, Rebels, Rubbles & Phoenixes


How it Began by Larry Montgomery
Southern Fandom Group and DeepSouthCons by Meade Frierson III
DSC Since '79 by Guy H. Lillian III
A Tabular History of DSCs--chart
The Rebel Award
Rebel Mettle: The Rebel Winners by Guy H. Lillian III
The Rubble Award
If Life Hands You Sour Grapes--Try Making Whine: The Rubble Winners by Gary Robe
The Phoenix Award
Profiles by various hands

PART III: Regional Survey

PART IV: Fanzines, Legends, & Misc.

Southern Apas

SFPA by Guy H. Lillian III
Reprise by Lon Atkins
All the Myriad Days by mike weber
KAPA by Patrick Molloy
Southern Genzines
A Fosfax Retrospective by Timothy Lane
Miscellaneous Serious Stuff
DSC & SFC Bylaws
Southern Fandom on the World Wide Web by Tom Feller
Library Resources
The Masquerade by Maurine Dorris
Table of Southern Worldcons
Table of Southern World Fantasy Conventions
Miscellaneous Silly Stuff
A Bluffer's Guide to Meeting Lee Hoffman by Lee Hoffman
An Excerpt from The Hearts Primer by Lon Atkins
Southern Fried Fandom by JoAnn Montalbano
A Short Biased History of Southern Fandom Pie Throwing by "Carleton Grindle"
Behind the Legend by Jerry Page
Truth at Last by Hank Reinhardt

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