1997 Southern Fandom Confederation Handbook & History


Cover: D. Birdsong. Frame clip art courtesy of Jeanne Caggiano. Page iii: SFC logo. Page 4: SFC patch, designed by Binker Hughes; SFC logo by P.L. Caruthers-Montgomery. Page 6: Photos by Ned Brooks. Page 11: Cover of Cosmag by Jerry Burge; caricature of Al Andrews donated by Ned Brooks, art by Alfred "The Real McCoy" Andrews himself. Page 12: Atlantiscon art provided by Steve Hughes; Weisskopf's Rubble award (on a Red Mountain Beer coaster); 1976 DSC logo; badge for Pelee Island, ON DSC bid. Page 17: DSC 17 badge. Page 19: DSC 32 badge, art by Wade Gilbreath. Page 20: Atlanta in '72 flyer donated by Steve Hughes. Page 23: DSC badge; DSC 34 badge. Page 36: SFC logo by D. Birdsong enhanced by P.L. Caruthers-Montgomery. Page 38: B'hamacon 3 logo. Page 40: Con*Stellation 5 badge Page 42: Con*Stellation 2 badge; DSC 23 badge. Art on both by Rhett Mitchell. Page 47: Confederation badge. Page 49: Dragoncon logo. Page 50: SFSFS logo. Page 51: Magicon logo. Page 55: The first Rivercon program book cover; art by Don Rosa. Page 60: Northamericon '79 badge. Page 62: Wigwam Village original bid flyer. Page 63: Nolacon '88 bid flyer. Page 66: DSC '79 badge. Page 68: CFSFS logo by Teddy Harvia. Page 69: Smart Ash 48 cover; art by Teddy Harvia. Page 74: Chattacon 8 program book cover. Page 79: Libertycon 3 program book cover; art by Bob Maurus. Page 83: Kubla Khan Census logo by Rick Dunning. Page 84: Swill recipe given at the 1983 DSC. Page 95: Armadillocon badge. Page 99: Swampcon badge; Kubla Khan Ception badge; Parthekhan/DSC 33 program book cover. Page 100: Joe Staton, cover of The Southerner # 21 in SFPA, published by Lon Atkins. Page 106: Mimosa logo by Charlie Williams. Page 107: Fosfax logo. Page 108: SFC logo. Page 110: Pogo from the cover Anvil #41, Special Confederation Issue, edited by Charlotte Proctor. Page 122: Cartoon from a dittoed one-shot produced at the '72 DSC by Steve Hughes et al. I think. {Errata}

Finally, credit and much thanks goes to Hank Davis, a Kentucky fan and fellow ex-Brooklyn Bum, who pasted everything up, proofread on demand, and was generally an angel about the entire project.

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Copyright (C) 2000 Samuel A. Smith and T.K.F. Weisskopf All Rights Reserved
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